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Lonzo Law Welcomes New Attorney Tyler Abadal

New attorney, Tyler Abadal, recently joined the Lonzo Law team. We sat down with him to learn more about his background, how he came to Lonzo Law, and what he’s looking forward to the most when working with small business clients.

LL: We are so excited to have you join the Lonzo Law team. Can you give us a little background on your education and experience and how you got to Lonzo Law? 

TA: My name is Tyler Abadal, born and raised in St. Petersburg, FloridaI went to Eckerd College. I played college baseball there and I got a degree in Business Management there as well. I also got my MBA from Saint Leo University, which is just outside of Tampa as well.

I went to Stetson University College of Law where I graduated in 2021 with my juris doctorate. And while I was at Stetson, I worked as a law clerk at a place called the Haahr Law Group which is an insurance law firm. 

I’m an avid fan of the local Tampa Bay area sports teams. I’m always going to the games and rooting for them, watching them on TV, whatever it is. My wife Lily and I have a miniature long haired dachshund named Lucy. I enjoy spending time with both of them.

LL: This is your first full-time post-law school position. What are you looking forward to the most?

TA: I didn’t necessarily go to law school dreaming of being a trial attorney like you see on television. I was always a little bit more attracted to the research and the writing and the problem-solving component as well as the opportunity to engage with people. 

So I’m really looking forward to being a part of Lonzo Law — the problem solving, helping people with their business needs, the research and the writing, the contract drafting, and then of course, engaging with the clients. The opportunity that I have here affords me the ability to combine my business background and my law background in order to help small businesses succeed, which is something that I’m very excited about. 

LL: We’ve talked a little bit about small businesses, and obviously that’s a huge area of what Lonzo Law focuses on. What are some of the areas within small businesses that you are looking forward to focusing on? 

TA: I’m definitely looking forward to using my business background combined with law. It matches well with what Lonzo Law is trying to do here. Whether it’s something like business entity formation, explaining to someone whether they should have an LLC or a partnership or a corporation, kind of explaining some of the liability benefits, the tax benefits, and things that might not be advantageous, things along that line.  I’m really looking forward to helping people with starting a small business and then helping that business grow and succeed.

LL: Lonzo Law is in the process of launching its new Incubator Program and you are the first attorney to join the program. Can you share a little more about the program and what attracted to you to it? 

The Lonzo Law Incubator Program is a three-year mentorship program led by the attorney’s at Lonzo Law that provides hands-on training to entrepreneurial attorneys who have a desire to start their own firm. Each year of the program is specifically designed to strengthen each participant’s skills working in the legal industry, while also developing their experience of owning and operating a law firm.  In addition, each participant will learn the unique process in which Lonzo Law secures amazing small business clients with its fractional in-house model for providing legal services. To learn more about the program, contact Kevin Lonzo by email.

TA: I think a few things. Kevin and Lonzo Law want to change the system a little bit and how things are working, and I think that’s a pretty exciting process to be a part of. I didn’t want the traditional law firm path. It wasn’t necessarily something that I was completely averse to. I just felt like this was a great opportunity to get hands on training with Kevin in a field that I’m very interested in and that I have a background in. 

This job that I’m doing within the program is going to help me have the tools to eventually roll off and do my own thing if that’s what I want to do. But for me, that’s not what this program is about. It’s more about the mentorship and learning over the course of the program, combined with the opportunity that I could potentially start my own firm if I ever want to do that. 

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