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Lonzo Law Represents Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Non-Profit Organizations

Small business lawyer Kevin Lonzo and the licensed, legal professionals at Lonzo Law provide counsel to navigate the sometimes-uncertain waters of entrepreneurship. Launched in 2018, we utilize our knowledge and expertise to save clients time, money and worry as we partner with individuals and small businesses.

At Lonzo Law, we believe:

A legal counselor will not only assist with your legal problems but will also partner in your future success for years to come.

A legal practice should offer solutions to issues that are directly or indirectly related to the issue at hand.

A law firm should be less concerned about billable hours and more concerned about proactively addressing potential legal concerns in a friendly and comfortable environment.

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For years, the traditional legal system model has been one of reacting to problems and issues. Lonzo Law takes a proactive approach in preventing potentially costly legal issues from occurring and ultimately saves clients money, time and angst.

This proactive approach is enhanced by Lonzo Law’s fractional in-house counsel “membership” model at a substantial discount for small businesses. This membership model covers from 12 to 50 hours annually (billed monthly), offering fractional in-house counsel; hours can carry over from month-to-month within the annual contract. If additional hours are required, the discounted rate applies.

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