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As a physician or healthcare professional, it is standard practice to be required to sign an employment contract when starting work with a new healthcare group, university or system. While the complexity and terms of employment agreements differ depending on the employer and position you are taking, the one thing that is always true is that agreements are written to favor the employer — not you.

Many times, these agreements can have language in them that are disadvantageous to you as the physician.  Often in these situations, the future employer provides a five or seven day “deadline” to sign.  This is done in hopes that in the excitement of a potential new job and fear of missing the deadline, you will quickly sign the agreement without reviewing the contract, talking with an attorney, or negotiating more favorable terms.

If you look closely to any proposed employment agreement for a physician, towards the end there will be language that states, “Physician agrees that he or she has been provided ample time to review this agreement with an attorney.”  Just as you would never recommend a patient handle a medical procedure or diagnosis without the consultation and supervision of a medical expert, you should never attempt to navigate a legal matter without the advice of a trusted legal professional who knows your industry. 

Let Lonzo Law be the trusted professional to guide you
through your next hiring process.

At Lonzo Law, we work with physicians and other healthcare professionals to review their employment contracts prior to starting a new job. Our proven three-step process for physician contract review is designed to: 

1.) diagnose how favorable or unfavorable the proposed employment contract is for you as a future employee;
2.) translate any confusing “legalese” points of concern to you in a clear, easily understandable fashion; and
3.) prescribe suggested changes to ensure the agreement is as fair and equitable to you as the future employee.

In addition, Lonzo Law can negotiate on your behalf to remove the pressure and anxiety associated with negotiating with the employers’ attorneys. We are proud to have a record of physicians and other health care professionals who not only secured more favorable terms in their agreements, but also made more money in additional bonuses and benefits than they spent on hiring us to review and negotiate their employment agreements.

At Lonzo Law, we focus on:

1.) Ensuring your restrictive covenants are reasonable and fair.
2.) Understanding the terms of termination and renewal of contract and explaining how those could affect you and your pocketbook.
3.) Informing you how well your proposed bonuses, benefits, and salaries measure up to others in your field.


I have had the pleasure of having Kevin Lonzo negotiate my physician contract, and I would use him again for all future contracts. From our first meeting, I felt confident in his expertise and knew that he had my best interest as his priority. His flexibility with my schedule was refreshing, and he always made himself available, especially with unplanned situations. Knowing that I could trust him and the work he was doing, allowed me to actually enjoy the process. I cannot recommend him enough, and I have, to every physician I know.

Nine Azer Salfity, MD
Indianapolis, Ind.   

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