Lonzo Law Incubator Program

Lonzo Law Launches Innovative Incubator Program to Mentor New Attorneys

Incubator Program Supports the Florida Bar’s New Efforts to Support Young Attorneys

In an effort to support the crucial need for mentorship programs for new lawyers in Florida, Lonzo Law in St. Petersburg, Florida, has launched the Lonzo Law Incubator Program, an innovative new approach to hiring and mentoring attorneys who want to start their own firm. 

Lonzo Law was started by founding attorney Kevin Lonzo in 2018 and focuses its practice on providing counsel to entrepreneurs with small and mid-sized businesses who usually do not have affordable access to legal services.  Incorporating this experience and the mission of Lonzo Law, the Incubator Program aims to provide this same opportunity to lawyers with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

The three-year program led by the attorneys at Lonzo Law will provide hands-on training to entrepreneurial attorneys who have a desire to start their own firm in the future. Each year of the program is specifically designed to strengthen each participant’s skills working in the legal industry, while also developing their experience of owning and operating a law firm. In addition, each participant will learn the unique process in which Lonzo Law secures small business clients with its fractional in-house counsel model for providing legal services. 

“Starting my own firm was one of the best, and most terrifying, decisions I’ve ever made.  At the time, I had just one client and enough savings for three months”, said Kevin Lonzo, founding attorney. “While I am grateful I took the risk to go out on my own, it was not the smoothest transition. If I had received some guidance and support during the early stages, I could have avoided some simple mistakes and been more successful earlier on. The goal of the Lonzo Law Incubator Program is to take away some of the uncertainty for attorneys pursuing a sole practitioner or boutique law model.

In the first year of the program, participants will enhance their skills within the legal industry while gaining hands-on experience with clients of Lonzo Law. In addition, participants will also be encouraged and rewarded for finding new clients for which they will be lead attorney.  

The second year of the program will focus on the specifics of owning and operating a firm, from developing a business plan to understanding bookkeeping to building a brand and marketing presence.  The participants will also continue to grow their own book of business and will be encouraged to take on a mentorship role for first-year Incubator participants. 

During the third and final year, each participant will expand their own clients and be given the opportunity and support to begin the process of launching their own firm with the client base they have built.  

Tyler Abadal, a recent graduate of Stetson University College of Law, will be the first participant in the Incubator Program. 

To learn more about the Incubator Program, contact Kevin Lonzo by email.

At its foundation, the mission of Lonzo Law is to utilize its business knowledge and expertise, in combination with its legal background, to support its clients as they grow their businesses.  Lonzo Law is proud that the Incubator Program will not only provide this same support to attorneys who want to branch out on their own; but it will also teach more attorneys the importance of helping small businesses grow.  

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