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Meet Acquandist Hamilton, Lonzo Law’s Client Liaison

Meet Acquandist Hamilton, chief operations officer of The SGB Network and dedicated liaison to Lonzo Law’s fractional in-house membership clients.
  1. Please share a little bit about your education and past work experience.   
    I’m a proud local to St. Pete and a graduate of St. Petersburg High School (go Green Devils!) and a graduate of St. Petersburg College where I earned my degree in management and organizational leadership.
Acquandist Hamilton
  1. What brought you to Lonzo Law?
    I joined Lonzo Law because of our vision to create access to affordable services for small businesses.
  1. Please share what you do for Lonzo Law.
    As a representative for both The SGB Network and Lonzo Law, I go out into the community and meet with current and aspiring small business owners with the hope to build a relationship. I also offer guidance on how to develop their business. 
  1. Lonzo Law is focused on being a partner to its clients and not just a law firm. What does this mean to you? Why do you think this approach to legal services is so valuable?
    We are here for the long run. We want to celebrate your successes and counsel you through your failures. People just want to be seen and heard and unfortunately, many law firms do not care. That is not us. Everyone deserves to have access to good, affordable legal counseling.    
  1. What do you enjoy doing for fun?
    I love to travel and experience cities like a local.  
  1. What is something most people don’t know about you?  
    I have a big family with nearly 100 cousins. I also want to learn how to sail someday.

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