Better Call Counsel – A Legal Consultation Hotline for All Your Business Needs

“If you have ever thought to yourself, “Should I call a lawyer?” – The answer is already yes!  However, most business owners don’t know who to call when they have legal questions or are worried that if they call a lawyer, they will get a $500 bill for a fifteen-minute phone call. The Better Call Counsel Membership through Lonzo Law is the answer to this business conundrum! 

With Better Call Counsel, you will have the opportunity to speak with a licensed attorney who understands business law for up to one hour a month at a fixed monthly price.  No more surprise bills or wondering who to call.  

Not sure what a paragraph in a contract means? Better Call Counsel!  

Have a question on how to handle an employee dispute? Better Call Counsel!

Someone’s lawyer sent you a letter and you’re not sure what to do next? Better Call Counsel!

You may be wondering, but what if I need more than just a consultation – Don’t you fret!  As a member of Better Call Counsel, Lonzo Law will provide you with legal services for most of your business needs at a $50 discount per hour.  If we can’t handle the matter in-house, we will help you find the right attorney to handle your needs at a competitive price.  Have more questions about the Better Call Counsel Membership – give us a call at (877) – Lonzo Law.  Ready to become part of the best legal consultation network around, sign-up below!